Can I connect an 8-pin PSU output to a 4-pin CPU connection on the Mobo with an adapter?

The stock PSU on my HP a6230n went out. I bought a Corsair CX430 as a replacement. The connections from the PSU are what the mobo (M2N68-LA) need EXCEPT for the CPU power connection, which is a 4-pin ATX_CPU. The PSU has an 8-pin ATX12V connector.

Is it even possible to use an 8-pin to 4-pin adapter to power the ATX_CPU from the ATX12V? As I type this it strikes me that this might be the incorrect voltage. Even if the voltage is correct, there's not physical space on the mobo for me to connect an 8-pin in the 4-pin spot, so some kind of adapter is needed.

Thanks kindly for your help.
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    Usually the 8-pin plug splits in two, one of which will plug into the four pin socket.
  2. I did not even see that. Thank you. I also see that one of the halves has two square and two round connectors, and the other is only round connectors. The manual has a warning against using it as a P4 or +12V connector, but it doesn't seem that the ATX_CPU is either of those types.
  3. That's... strange. Both of those are names for ATX_CPU.

    I have no idea why they'd say not to use it, though, as that's exactly why it's split in two.
  4. Alright, I got it in but at startup it emits 1 short beep and 1 long beep. That suggests a memory issue. I don't THINK there was a separate power connection to the memory, so could it be that my 24-pin connector either bent a plug or isn't in all the way?

    I'm going to start going through RAM chips. Not my idea of a good time.
  5. Alright, it all works! Up and running! Thanks for the help.
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