Fan (may be) hitting fan casing, causing a really loud noise.

I purchased a GEFORCE GTX 750 ti MSI fan and I believe that it the fan spokes are hitting the fan casing, creating a really loud and annoying noise.

Help? Please?
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    You have to check all of your fans with the computer off. Open it up, stick your finger in between the fan blades on each fan and give in a manual spin with your finger staying in there. Be sure the space is clear of cables and everything else. Take the card out and do the same thing. When you install new stuff, you move things around that get crammed in fans sometimes. I had this happen after installing my last video card. It turned out that a motherboard power wire was lightly grazing the cooling fans on my radiator. Totally didn't think it was that, but it was.

    After each time you check the system, power it on and listen. Then repeat until you find it.
  2. I have done that and it seems to be the graphics card hitting the casing of the fan on the top left of the case, marginally scraping it. What can I do?
  3. Hmm, either get a new card or else wedge something in there to make a little more space. A paper towel ball or an eraser?
  4. The fan IS hitting the casing, I'm stuck..
  5. The computer case or the inside of the card itself? If it's the card, then you should return it; otherwise, you'll have to reconfigure things in your computer.
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