how do i find out my watts

i have a psu with 230v stuck on the back could anyone help me on finding out how to find the watts of my psu because i dont think 230v is really going through
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    That switch on the back means nothing in terms of its wattage. All that does is indicate what voltage the PSU is expecting from the wall, as depending on your country its 120v or ~240v, and if it gets a voltage its not expecting the thing will pop.

    Bust open your case and have a look at it, there should be a sticker on the side that tells you the amperage (A) of each rail. You want to find the 12V rail (there may be multiple) and multiply by its amperage, that will tell you what it should be capable of putting out in Watts.
  2. its got atx-500 on the side
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