How many watts do i need for an asus gtx 780 ti?

Hey im going to upgrade my gpu to an asus gtx 780ti and i want to know how many watts i need for it.

system specs: intel core i7-3770k cpu 3.50GHz

8 gb ram

i have no idea what my current psu is called but i know its 400-500 watts. will it do?

if not will this be ok?
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  1. I doubt your current PSU would be enough. The wattage is somewhat important, but the Amperage is even more important. If you have a cheap PSU it's almost guaranteed you don't have enough amperage to run a 780Ti.

    For the 780Ti you need at least 550W PSU, with at least 42A on a single 12V rail. I would not recommend the Corsair CX series, they are the budget PSU's and the quality is lacking. Technically, it has enough power to run the 780Ti, but personally I wouldn't trust it with such an expensive GPU. A quality PSU will last you many years, but the CX series will start failing sooner and will be more prone to issues. PSUs are very important and it's a good idea to not cheap out them.
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    If I recall correctly, you need 42A to a 12V rail for a GTX 780 Ti.

    A 400-500 PSU will usually not cut it. I'd advise you get this PSU instead.
  3. 600W is always enough for a single GPU pc. The PSU you chose is not very reliable, many people said that the CX series have bad capacitors. Try the the RM series, I recommend the RM 650.
  4. Ok thanks man i will probably get that psu but will 650 watt be enough to power my entire pc?
  5. Gabe Newell said:
    Ok thanks man i will probably get that psu but will 650 watt be enough to power my entire pc?

    Yes it will.
  6. The RM series still has a few kinks to work out if I recall correctly.

    But to the OP, 650W is enough for any single GPU system. Dual GPU cards like the 690, 7990 are obviously the exception to where the 650W unit will not work.
  7. Yeah 650W would be fine, unless you have your CPU overclocked heavily and you plan on water-cooling the GPU and overclocking it as far as it will go. Your total system draw will probably be around 500-550W even with a light CPU overclock.

    If you want to be safe you could step up to the 750W version of that PSU.
  8. On Anand's test rig their 780 ti pulled 374 watts from the wall at most. Assuming they use a 90% efficient power supply that means about 336 watts were being supplied to the machine. That's 28 amps if you assume that every single bit of power the machine wasusing was coming from teh 12v rail alone.

    Almost any good quality 500 watt supply would be able to supply that quite easily. You should find out your current model, and if you need help just post a picture of it's ratings which will be on a sticker on the side of the supply.
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