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Hi there,
I have received some speakers today and the first time I plugged them in the woofer on the left speaker wasn't working but the tweeter was.
The woofer wasn't moving or creating any signs of life.
If I am right, its either:
The speaker driver has blown
There is a loose or faulty connection between the speaker and jack.
The magnets are jammed together.
Any help appreciated!
P.S they are old speakers so therefore don't have any warranty.
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    the most likely is that a speaker driver unit has blown or the low frequency side of the crossover has blown this can be tested if you can gain access to the inside of the speaker by taking two wires direct from the input jack to the speaker.
  2. Thanks!
    So directly connect a wire from the input jack at the back to the speaker.
  3. yes you want the wires directly from the input jack to the connections on the speaker driver.
  4. Thanks! Found out that the positive wire on the woofer has somehow came out so a simple re-solder.
    But just a quick question.
    The woofer used the red and black wires and the tweeter used the green and blue wires for negative and positive but there was one wire that wasn't soldered onto the board and it was a brown one.
    What does this do?
  5. Where did the other end of the wire go ?
  6. Out of the main board.
  7. A strange one if every thing is working ok,by the main board I assume you mean the crossover board.
    It could be that it is a 3 way crossover and the wire is for the mid speaker which as it is a 2 way system is not there but I would expect there to be 2 wires in that case not one or perhaps for a tweeter volume control,perhaps the missing wire has been shortened and used as a bridge on the board to disable either of these options.
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