i7 980x, asrock x58 extreme 6 & corsair dominators 2000mhz cl8

Hi to all,
I would appreciate some help with overclocking my pc.
I am trying to set my overclock to 4ghz and my ram at the tested 2000mhz frequency.
My problem is that i cant do that. Actually i can but my system is not stable. I have random bsods and freezes.
Now i have:
cpu vcore at 1.3625v
qpi voltage: auto
uncore: 3700mhz
qpi: 6.4gts
ram frequency: 1866mhz
Bus speed: 133 bclk

My main problem is that i can not change bclk up to 143 or 167 ,for example, so that my ram will be 2000mhz.
I've heard people to go like 200 or 220 bclk without any problem but mine doesnt.
I understand that i need to change qpi/vtt voltage when i change bclk but i set it up to 1.42v and still doesnt boot and i dont want to risk it by going further.
1 thing i've noticed in everest benchmark program when i use uncore of 3700mhz i get better results rather than 3400 or less but everywhere i look they say gulftown processors are happy even with 1.5x ratio of ram-uncore.
Anyway if there is someone who has the same hardware and is willing to help i would be gratefull.
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  1. If you are using period appropriate Corsair Dominator 1600, it doesn't go much beyond 1600 in my experience, might have just been my set. Ram is the least important thing to overclock when it comes to overall performance.

    161x23 @ 1.18 volts was what I ran my i7-950 at 24/7, just left that ram with a multiplier of ten which put it at 1608Mhz or something like that.

    I did try a few high overclocks @ 1.35 volts, but couldn't find a good sweet spot on the voltages and stability. Was happy enough running 3.67 Ghz, but 4.0 was a little beyond my reach.

    Remember to try odd BCLKs, sometimes they just work. 181x22 and ram at 1800Mhz?
  2. Thanks for the quick reply Eximo,
    The ram i am using are tested and it says so on their label at 2000mhz, 9-9-9-24
    Bclk is like a wall to me, i am sure thats the source of all my problems. Whenever i change even slightly the bclk i cant make it work. My cpu is unlocked so its very easy for me to just up the multiplier to 4ghz but ram stays tops at 1866mhz which is a multiplier of 133.
    If i set it one multiplier more it gets to 2133mhz i think which doesnt work.
    Let me ask you if you know. Which is better overclock with multiplier or using bclk? And why?
    And what is the max safe voltage of qpi?
    Thanks again for the help
  3. Not sure on the QPI voltage, I don't recall messing with it too much, if you are setting it higher that might actually be the cause of your instability. Try easing up the BCLK without changing it to see the limits of the chip.

    1866 at CAS of 9 is nothing to sneeze at, what I am running right now.
  4. Now i can run 143 bclk making the ram at 2000mhz and 8-8-8-1t-all other at auto.
    I have the qpi at auto and uncore at 3700mhz.
    Seems stable at prime95 or any other benchmark but occasionally if have blue screens or freezes.
    Vtt voltage is on auto, the only voltage that seems to work with vtt is 1.42+ but i've read somewhere that safe voltage for gulftown i7 980x is maximun 1.4v...
    Its very confusing to me, maybe x58 and 2000mhz is the ceiling and in order to go more you need to enter unsafe voltages to the vtt. But i've tried to set ram at 1333mhz and again any other vtt voltage wont work except for auto.
    I'll try also 2000mhz at cas9 maybe it will stop these random bsods.
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