I7 4770K can't go past 4.3ghz


I have a Gigabyte Gaming 7 I97 motherboard, a I7 4770K processor and a H100i cooler. I can't seem to overclock past 4.3 ghz. Even at that speed my CPU will run over 100C when I run Intel Burn Test. If I try to change the Host BLCK settings so I can lower my Core speeds my motherboard can't get past the BIOS. Do you know what I could be doing wrong? I had tired to use my VCore up to 1.4V. Thank you.

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  1. look up de-lidding... that's what you'll need to do on your 4770k if you want to go any further.

    i dont think you can go much beyond 1.4v tho, i'll let a 4770k expert chime in here
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    It seems that you lost in the binning lottery.
    Once you go past 1.25v, heat rises rapidly. Superb cooling does little and is not much worth it.
    Set vcore to 1.25 and adjust the multiplier gradually until you are unstable and then back off a notch.
    Leave BCLK alone.
    OCCT is a good test vehicle.

    4770K is a fine cpu; do you really need more?
  3. Yea Im the same, I can only run it at 4.2. AI suite is buggy too, and Im not sure how to configure voltage in BIOS for Max Hero VI so I just put it on auto level up and it keeps vols <1.20 but at 4.2ghz
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