SATA Controller Card. Any Way To Monitor Hard Drive Temperature?

I just installed a PCI Express SATA card to be able to add a couple of hard drives. Now I discover HWMonitor doesn't recognize the drive and I can't monitor the temperature. Manufacturer of the card had no recommendations. Does anyone know how I can monitor hard drive temperatures when connected through a PCI card SATA port?

Forgot to mention I'm using the 5.25 inch front bays for the drives so I'm not comfortable using the other drives temperature as a guideline.
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    You can try CrystalDiskInfo it might be able to display the temperature and other information of your drives from the PCI Express SATA card.
  2. Speccy from same place to get CCleaner. Has been showing me same temps on CPU/gpu that real temp has, so guessing its decently accurate.
  3. Thanks Trekzone! CrystalDiskInfo does indeed read the temps on the 2 drives I installed through the SATA card. One drive is good and one is running a little warm. I'll go to work solving that problem. This site is awesome! Thanks again for your solution.
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