Help My computer has random short freezes can't find my own solution!

So i keep having freezes where either my mouse will disappear for about 2-4 seconds and other freezes where anything visual freezes but i still hear sound continuing on. I have updated all my drivers, and I have run many scans with Norton. I used ccleaner and still nothing has worked. My specs are.

Asrock z77 Extreme 3
Intel core i3-2120 cpu @ 3.30GHZ
8.00 GB ram
windows 7 home premium 64-bit
500gb western digital hdd
Amd hd 7850 2GB (msi twin frozr)

I'm running catalyst 14.4 and have windows up to date.
When i go to open tabs on a web page or open a couple folders/programs at once they will freeze up for a couple seconds. My internet works fine (30mb/s) but sometimes in games when the freeze happens i loose connection. Sometimes Norton says Chrome is using alot of cpu power even when its not on in task manager, and task manager says 10-13% of cpu is being used idle.

My last resort right now is to reinstall windows and all my drivers but i am really hoping someone else has a solution that works because i have 403GB of data that i don't wanna backup/re download.
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  1. I also have air cleaned out all the fans and my temperatures for cpu haven't gone above 140 with intense gaming mother board 110 and graphics card 135. I don't think its overheating.
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    Temps in F right not C ;) couple things come to mind, check for Malware (malwarebytes has a good free scanner), also what DRAM are you running and do you have the latest BIOS and mobo drivers
  3. yes those temps are in F. I will get malwarebytes and scan and gonna try to get latest bios i didnt know they had their own updates
    the ram that i have is idk if that answers your question for DRAM
  4. i did the above malwarebytes found 8 risks and used instant flash to update bios i will do some tests to see if i freeze up and update this a little later today with my result.
  5. All right, the DRAM is 1600 so might go into BIOS, enable XMP and select profile 1, and while there, manually set DRAM voltage to 1.55...think this may clear up your problems, keep me updated
  6. alright i haven't changed the voltages but from what ive seen is that so far no freezing anymore. I'm thinking maybe there was a malicious program that was demolishing my CPU speed making everything take a step back frozen.
  7. Sounds like under control, any further problems give a shout
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