Dual monitor display problem in new, Ultra-HD system

I have just put together a new PC for Photoshop work and video editing, using these components: CPU Intel i7-4770K, graphics card GeForce GTX 780; motherboard Asus Z87 PRO Socket, with 32 Gigs of RAM. Windows 8.1 is on a Samsung 256 GB SSD. The two monitors are Dell 24-in Ultra-HD.

The challenge now is to get both monitors to display in Ultra-HD. Only one monitor will deliver this resolution. The other will not offer this option. I have one monitor going into a DisplayPort and the other into a HDMI port.

Is this a connection problem? Could it be driver-related, or is the solution to add more hardware, like another video card, or a motherboard that would have two HDMI ports?

Can you offer solutions to this challenge?

Thank you.
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  1. You can't use hdmi unless you lower it to 30 hz, it just doesn't have enough bandwidth. Otherwise use the dp port on the mobo. You'll need to go into bios to enable igpu multi monitor then install the intel drivers.
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    romeocormier said:

    Thank you for responding so quickly to my quiery. Excuse my ignorance, but what does ''igpu'' mean? If we lower the bandwidth to 30 Hz, is the system going to slow down considerably?

    I'm assuming that the procedure you recommended eliminates the need for a second video card, or changing the motherboard. But, the mobo doesn't have a DP port. The Asus Z87 PRO has a HDMI port, a DisplayPort and a DVI port. It also has an Intel USB 3.0 port. Can I get by with those ports?

    Thank you.

    If you don't mind I'm posting your pm to the thread. I'd prefer not to stick to pm so others with the issue may search and maybe find this thread for an answer.

    Igpu refers to integrated graphics. (Integrated graphics processing unit, a discrete card just being called a gpu). 30hz refers to the monitor, it's the refresh rate of the screen. Typically an lcd is 60hz, it refreshes the screen 60 times per second. This does not affect pc performance but some people may notice the monitor flickering. DP = DisplayPort.
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