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I am about to turn on my build for the first time. I have two Samsung 840 Evos and one 2 TB Western Digital Green. I would like to configure the two 840 Evos in RAID 0 to have the speed (striping). From my understanding, RAID 5 doesn't have the speed that RAID 0 does, even though it does have the added redundancy. How do I configure the WD as a second drive on Windows, and not as a part of the RAID 0 array?
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    Your first step is to go into your BIOS and enable RAID. After that, you will need to go into the RAID setup utility (on intel chipset boards using intel RAID, it is ctrl+i when prompted, I'm not sure what it is elsewhere) and setup your RAID 0. It is simple to do, just follow the on screen prompts. I would recommend unplugging your 2 TB WD drive until after the install is done as Windows setup has a nasty habit of putting your boot partition on a different drive than your OS drive, which can lead to some confusing problems down the road.
    Also: when installing your OS, you might get to the screen where you select the drive you want to install to. If your OS install media doesn't support the RAID driver needed by the motherboard, you will get an error saying no drives are detected even though they are seen in the BIOS. To resolve this, you will need to use the "load driver" function on that page to manually load the f6 drivers for the RAID controller. These should be available for download on your motherboard's manufacturer's website. Just download them, unzip them if necesarry, put them on a flash drive, put that drive into your PC that is on the select drive stage of the Windows install, select "load driver" on the select drive screen, then navigate to the downloaded files :)
  2. I wouldn't mess with RAID 0 and all RAID's because SSD's are fast enough, with two SSD's and one HDD without RAID you'll have really fast system.
    But with RAID 0 you have a risk to lose all your data if one of your drive fails, so don't bother with RAID and just use your storage in AHCI mode.,3485-13.html
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