please help with my Thin Mini ITX build.

Hello Everyone, I am currently working on a custom lego thin mini itx laptop build (the dimensions of my case are 10"L x 17.5"W x 1.1"H, but I can always change it if i made a mistake :D) and a have a few question:

1. what is the smallest possible height for a thin mini itx if use a different cooling system than stock?
2. what kind of power supply will I need to power my system?
3. what Graphic card options do I have on a thin mini itx board?
4. does the LVDS port power an LCD as well? I am planning on buying a 17"LCD KIT but do i still need the controller board if the MOBO has a LVDS port and I believe a port to power it.

The motherboard: GIGABYTE GA-H87TN
The CPU: Intel Core i7-4770K
Ram: PNY DDR3-1333 204-pin SODIMM 8gb

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    The CPU has an 84 watt TDP (Thermal Power Design) that is incompatible with special low height heatsink solutions that I've seen. I think your 1.1"H plan is unrealistic.

    i7-4770K is 84 watt TDP so Gigabyte recommends 180 watt unit. For example:
    FSP Group Mini-ITX/ 19V DC 180W Power adapter (FSP180-ABAN2)

    The motherboard has processor graphics. Given a 180 watt power supply and a PCI Express x4 slot (Supports 25W only), I would think the use of a graphics card is also unrealistic.
  2. thanks for the the input, I might just use the I5-4670k outta of my current pc and upgrade. The Mobo just came in today, and also had very little information on the LVDS port. Can I power the monitor through the MOBO? it says it has the headers for it but im unsure. I'm planning on buying: but if i only need the LCD + LVDS I could cut costs.
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