I want to buy a new GPU and cant decide which one to buy....

I have a Corsair VS450 Watt PSU ..
Intel DH55TC motherboard with core i5 @650 processor
I want to buy a gtx 750 ti but cant decide which one
Should i buy MSI twinfrozr gtx 750 ti OC
or Zotac 750 ti
The first one is factory overclocked and i got to know that it doesn't make much difference...
Please Help....
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  1. I'd go MSI it is the better one
  2. I don't know if you have a preference, but the Radeon R7 265 will stomp it like a bag of kittens in most games for the same money. For $10 to $20 more you could get an R9 270 that will be even faster.

    The 750 ti also hits a hardwall on overclock due to the 75 watt limit. No 6 pin power connector. It must get all of its power from the PCI-E slot.
  3. that is the card I was going to list, the R7 265 is a much better choice, your Power supply can also handle that GPU. It is a rebrand of the 7850, which is much better then any GTX 750 Range in performance, not power consumption.
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    If you do want to buy the GTX 750 Ti get MSI, it has better cooling, better built and better asthetics. But yes as mentioned earlier The R9 265 will outperform the 750Ti, so if power consumption isin't your'e primary concern go with the latter else GTX 750 Ti would be the way to go.
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