Why is my PC slow?

I know that my computer isn't the fastest but ffs it shouldn't be that slow! I will first tell you my specs: Intel i5-4440, Intel HD 4600, 4 GB @ 1600 MHz, Gigabyte GA-H87-D3H. The thing is that sometimes it will take a lot to load even the google chrome start page. I mainly want to know if it's because of the 4 GB of RAM (considering that I'm also using the iGPU) and what should I get first - another 4 GB stick or a new GPU (AMD R9 270X).

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  1. What's your hard drive status? () out of how many GB?
  2. If you have a single 4GB stick, you're operating in single-channel mode, which will be slower than dual channel (likely noticeable, but barely).
    Has your PC always been slow, or did it become slow recently?
    What hard drive do you have, and what is its RPM?
  3. Well, the iGPU is consuming some RAM. Windows is consuming some RAM. I'm guesstimating you'd only have around 1GB leftover for actual programs, depending on how many background processes are running.

    I'd replace the RAM with a good dual channel 8GB (2x4GB) kit. I'd replace that first because I think it's more likely to help for basic browsing, and if it doesn't help you won't have wasted so much money. 8GB is already standard for games, and will be standard for regular PCs within a year or two. So you'll need to make that upgrade soon either way.

    Of course, it might not be related to your system at all. It might be your internet speed.
  4. Good one, Rationale.
    How much RAM is usable?
    Go to computer properties.
  5. I don't really know how many RPM does my hard drive has because I made a little sacrfice. I had this old laptop and I took the hard drive from that laptop. It's an WD Scorpion Blue 250 GB w/ ~40 GB free space. I can't say it was the fastest computer but when I built it initially it was running decently (better than today)... I also have to say that I installed different OS on the HDD: Mac OS X (like 3-4 time), Windows (5-6 times) and Linux 1 time. There are a lot of Windows/Mac installs because I couldn't decide which one to use :(
  6. Oh yea... also it's this strange thing. Although I have Windows 8.1 x64 I have only 2.95 GB usable
  7. Ok, you're using a laptop hard drive that runs at 5400 RPM. That's why your system is slow to load programs. Laptop hard drives are optimized for low power use, not speed. You need to get a Desktop hard drive, or even a SSD if you can afford it. If you choose a mechanical drive, my personal preference is the Western Digital Black, because in addition to being one of the faster drives you can buy, I believe it is the only consumer hard drive to have retained a five year warranty since the Thailand floods. Others have cut back, sometimes to two years. I'd rather buy a product in which its manufacturer still has confidence.
  8. But if I'm going to get a HDD why buy a WD Black when I can get a SSHD (+ $5)? Also, can I buy another 4 GB stick that it's not by the same manufacturer? Because currently I have an Vengance Blue in my build and it's out of stock in my country. They only have the black one which is cheaper (it's the same on amazon as far as I can see) than the blue (I know that because I wanted to buy them yesterday). So can I use the black model? And can I use another 4 GB stick that's not from Corsair?

    Also, why is my computer only using 3 GB instead of 4? And, the Black and the Blue have the same RPM
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    The WD Black has a faster actuator. A SSHD will speed up things you use most often, but won't make a difference with random data, or will be slower if it too is only 5400RPM.
    A second RAM stick should have the same timings as the one you have, otherwise you could have some instability unless you're able to manually set them to parameters that both can run without trouble.
    You're only seeing 3GB because your IGP and other devices are using some of your RAM. You'll see more when you get another stick, and/or when you add a video card and disable the IGP.
  10. Ty very much Onus. One last question: Wouldn't it be a smarter decision to buy a WD Blue and a 4 GB stick at the same time rather than buying a WD Black now and a 4GB stick later (since I can see more improvements). I also do stream some games and while they run fine when I'm not streaming, when I am streaming I have to run them at low and I barely get 30 FPS (considering that I can play them on high with ~60 FPS). Will getting a new RAM stick help that?
    P.S. Using OBS w/ Intel Quick Sync
  11. I think the WD Blue + RAM will be better than just the WD Black, yes.
  12. While looking on this forum I realizwd that I once set my ram to run at 1600 MHz (it ran at 1333 MHz) and I think that might be a problem. I will check but is that a possibility?
  13. You might get a tiny boost from that change, but it will be very small, perhaps 2-4% if memory of an old article serves me properly...
  14. I removed the MB Battery, let it sit for ~ 10 min and now my PC is running SOO MUCH BETTER! I guess I should let everything like it is. btw, I think you misunderstood my question: when it's set at 1333 it's way faster/snappier than when it is on 1600
  15. I now checked my PC settings thingy and now it says 3.88 GB usable so I guess the problem was the 1600 MHz thingy. Thanks god this forum is SOO BIG!
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