Help my new gpu doesnt work

I recently bought a gtx 750 ti Asus oc edition so i plugged it in an saw it needed a 6 pin connector butt my casecom 450w atx doesnt have so i tried to see if it works without it. The fans on it spped up and spin but it doesnt display on my monitor
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  1. it is most likely defective video card as it should work fine even without the extra power reference cards dont have the pci-e connector on the card( it will only draw the extra power when you try to game) also depending might be asus did something to the card that it wont work unless fully connected but i have tested several card even without connecting 2 power plugs they still worked(my asus gtx 670 with both pci-e connectors disconnected still makes the screen show a message to connect the pci-e slots so you should get an image on the monitor)
  2. You can't expect it work if it's not fully connected up.
  3. coud it be that my psu isnt strong enuth
  4. if you dont hve a 6 pin connector to plug it in. the gpu cant draw the power he needs. look for a psu with the 6 pin connector and you will be good to go. also, some low gpu's dont use a lot of power, so the power they draw is just enough to give an image, your card is powerfull and needs a lot of power, so thats why you cant get an image.
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