what is tdp exactly?

on gpu z my gpu reached 98% tdp is that bad? will it blow up if it reaches a 100%?
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  1. It may over heat.
    TDP stands for Thermal Design Powder, its the amount of heat it releases and the amount of energy consumed
  2. i may be in trouble then when playing arma 2 /dayz this happpens
  3. There is always a chance that the program isn't reading the correct values.
    Does it display the same value on idle at the desktop?
    If its lower then there is a good chance your cooler is failing on your GPU.
    Is it a graphics card or integrated graphics?
  4. no at idle it goes down to around 30 its a gtx 780 sc acx i just got it maybe 2 weeks ago? the temp only went up to 72 i thnk the max for the card is 95 i think this might mean for gpuz anyway that im using 98% power it says power consumption beside it just caught that lol am i right or should i still worry?
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    Yes, the maximum GPU temperature is 95, as long as you don't go over 90 degrees you should be absolutely fine!
    I think your card is working hard that's all and using a lot of watts.
    So nothing to worry about then.
    Hope this helps!
  6. thank you i was worried a sec go you eased my mind lol
  7. Download MSI afterburner and increase the speed of your fan and see what happens.Its only running at 62%,so make it 80% and see what happens
  8. No problem! Glad there wasn't a issue.
    And putting the fan at 80% may increase the airflow and cooling of the GPU but the noise will get considerably louder.
  9. Yes but still the components shall stay cool and that's what is needed
  10. Not necessarily because he is way below the maximum operating temperature so his current fan speeds are fine.
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