How many hard drives can I put in a mid-tower without risking overheating?

I currently have an SSD and am considering adding two 7200 rpm 4TB drives.My case is a Corsair 500r mid-tower with a 780 GTX with acx cooler, i5 3570k, 16GB RAM and HX 750 PSU. If two internal drives besides an SSD will add too much heat, I'll probably go with a 5tb external.
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  1. U can put in as many as will fit provided u hav sufficient case cooling.... HDs don't generate that much heat in use tho. Just make sure you have more fan power pulling air into t case than pushing out of it, so u build up pressure in t case - otherwise u will impede yo set ups ability t expel heat and it will all heat up
  2. If you can try and leave a space between the HDD's, if there is a fan near the HDD's then even better. Unless you are running the drives non stop (downloading ect) then you wont run into any issues with them closer together. Having the 2 drives is better then you always have a backup just in case 1 fails.
  3. The 500r is an excellent case. What is your fan setup?
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    Hi TYTSoldier
    extra drives will add very little heat to your case , you will be fine , your 500R has good front intake airflow so no probs there :)
  5. envy14tpe said:
    The 500r is an excellent case. What is your fan setup?

    Just the fans that came with the case. I haven't changed the settings or added any additional fans.
  6. You will be fine with the fan setup you have :)
  7. I'd add a second 120mm to the front and a 120mm to the bottom. Just get some 1100-1150rpm fans.
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