HyperThreading supported on Intel Core i5 ???


I looked at my Speccy page for my PC, clicked the CPU tab and saw something that made me kind of curious. Under HyperThreading it said: Supported, Disabled. Please note that I am running an Intel Core i5-3470 (w/o HyperThreading). Maybe there is a way of modding/hacking the CPU and force-enabling HyperThreading or Intel is just so cheap to use the same die for the i5 and the i7??
Here is a screenshot of the Speccy page.

Thank you in advance.
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  1. You have 4 cores. Unless you are doing some crazy multitasking or video encoding, I doubt you would be remotely able to tell the difference.
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    You cannot enable hyper-threading on your current CPU.

    Your CPU was basically an i7 3770 with an defective L3 cache. Therefore they disabled that part, and the hyper-threading and marketing it as an I5.

    They do the same with every generation. This is done by reducing the waste.

    AMD are doing the exact same. The fx 6300 is an fx 83xx with an defective module. Same thing with the fx 4300.
  3. IIRC, only a small percentage of the chips are actually damaged. Most are crippled purely to meet production targets for the lower-end chips, or there'd be a massive oversupply of high-end Xeons and not enough Pentiums to go around.

    Generally, they use a laser to physically cut traces on the die to disable features.
  4. Thank you for the (VERY) quick response. I will keep this in mind from now on! :D
  5. Do they really make all cpu's i7's and FX8350's and than they cripple them so thay can sell those at lover prices, and other ones at higher price? I find that hard to belive, i know they are bad but not that evil...
  6. Firstly, two year old thread.

    No, not all. There's about four different dies used for Intel's mainstream products - I can't find good data on each.

    It's not 'evill'; it's the cheapest way to do it. The low-end processors are probably being sold below what it would cost if you only made them - the high-end chips are subsidising everything else. Unless you want to pay $150 for a quad-core CPU to write emails on...
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