extremely high CPU temp 90c

So I have stock cooler on my AMD athlon x4 760k 100w CPU reaching 90degrees under stress test playing games like arma 3 tit hits 70-75 is it just that the stock cooler is crap and I need a new one or is my CPU busted ? I'm going to under clock for now
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  1. Did you try a finger test? I'm not using the stock cooler on my Athlon X4 750K -it's an old copper heatpipe cooler from an original Phenom- and I'm flying with a reported thermal margin of 20C at 1.45v. Use OverDrive for your temp readings.

    I've seen bigger chipset heatsinks than the stock cooler :)
  2. Over drive I'll check it out I've been using stock hsf currently I use speccy and HW monitor they read the exact same so I don't know the 750k is a nice CPU but for a 5er you shoulda got the 760k
  3. what temp are you getting in BIOS?
  4. No difference between the Trinity/Richland CPU cores -- the 750K goes on the E-Blast for $70 every month or so. And, if you are not running 4.5GHz+ without throttling, **You Are Doing It Wrong** :lol:

    HWMonitor and other utilities do not give accurate readings -- by using AOD it will report your 'Thermal Margin' under the CPU Status tab.
  5. in bios about 36-40c
  6. Well your socket temps seem fine. I don't think you should be worried, speccy does the same thing to me under load (A10-6800k reports 85°) but my socket temps don't go above 54° and amd overdrive margin never drops below 30 so it can't be right.
  7. okay cool could you tell me what is the margin ive not seen it drop below 45 on arma 3 is this good or bad ?
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    That's great.

    I'm running 4.6GHz at 1.45v +/- with a thermal margin of 20C, UNB at 2500MHz-1.25v, with some GSkill 2400MHz Cas10. Occasionally, the margin will drop to 18-19C.

    Trinity/Richland chips are "volt-leaky" and love the juice. Even more so with the CUs disabled. If you think you have a temp issue, simply place your finger on the sink. If you pull back a smoking nub, you might have a problem :D I'll bet you don't, especially if you are running stock.

    The "volts & heat" from the chips come from the on-board graphics engine. The CPU cores only take up 130mm2 or so on a 256mm2 chip and are quite efficient. If the graphics engine on the die is not under load they become even more so.

    If LTF is using a discreet card, that's why his thermal margin never drops below 30C because the CUs never max their volt load.
  9. You guessed correctly, I am indeed using a discrete card instead of the igp :)
  10. Bawesome so my PC isnt going to blow up then ? I'm still gonna get a cooler master hyper 212 evo they look awesome
  11. renners said:
    Bawesome so my PC isnt going to blow up then ? I'm still gonna get a cooler master hyper 212 evo they look awesome

    You should be able to get a nice overclock with the 212 evo. 4.5ghz is pretty common
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