Can a molex to pci-e adapter cause crashing?

I have a Cit 600W PSU it was pretty cheap so i got it, but now the problem was it only had one pcie connector and my 6870 needed to two so i bought one now the gpu basically crashes at 80c.
So my question is:

Can a bad quality psu with molex to pci-e cause crashing?
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  1. T molex to pci adapter itself won't b t problem, but t PSU itself could b... Check very carefully t cable u r using t go t t adapter is ok for t GPU as well
  2. So my current psu is the limiting factor?
  3. using a low quality psu is a bad idea, esp when using a good gpu
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    A cheap psu may not deliver advertised power.
    If a 600w psu does not have at least 2 6 pin pcie adapters, it is suspect.
    I would consider replacing the unit with a better quality psu like Seasonic.
    A 6870 is older tech and less efficient. But, it still should run in a good 500w psu.
    If you overprovision a bit to a 620w Seasonic, you will have the ability to upgrade to any single gpu card as strong as a R9-290X or GTX780ti.
  5. yup, even a 500/550w should have 2 6pin. i would not risk a good card with a poor psu.
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