pc restart when playing videos and games.

Hello everyone
i have bought recently amd fx4100 and gigabyte ga78lmt s2 and i have nvidia gtx560 and 4gb 1333mhz ddr3 ram my problem is when i play games my pc restart and shows that blue screen error even i play any video or play games pc restart i have updated motherboard bios from f5 to f6 run prim95 and memtest all passed without any crash but when i run furmark test it restart again i have changed nvidia drivers from 314 to 335 but no luck.i have tested my gpu,psu,ram,hdd on intel q6600 and msi g41 they r woking fine.plz someone help me out. is this any compatibility problem or motherboard problem.
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  1. Check your components if they are overheating with hwmonitor.
  2. They aren't overheating at all it restart immediately when i run video or play games.the temperature on idle is 42 degree Celsius.
  3. could u explain more , what game are u playing ? what's the game setting /frame per second/anti aliasing/vsync on or off? screen resolution ?
  4. Thief,crysis3,bound by flames 1366*768,1920*1080 i have tried low medium high setting one by one.
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