seagate expansion 500gb Ext. Portable Hard Disk ( not blinking, not detected )

I'm using my 2 months old SEAGATE EXP. 500GB EXT. PORT. HDD for my PS3..
One day, after file transfer, when i tried to eject it safely, it says " Windows cannot remove the drive, stop any application which is using it before removing " when theres no application or file using it.. So, i ejected it manually, ( without removing it safely ) .. from that day onwards, problems slowly rised.. problems like.. hanging, not responding, very slow file transfer..

Now, it got even more worse, when i tried to plug it into my USB drive ( of my PC ), the blue light never blinked or even never showed up.. but i could see something as " EXPANSION " in DEVICES AND PRINTERS from the start menu, i even tried the option called " EJECT " from the expansion icon, but it did nothing, but after unplugging the ext. hdd it says it cannot remove safely as something is using it.. i tried UNLOCKER and PROCESS EXPLORER.. and checked DISK MANAGEMENT and DEVICE MANAGER and everything.. nothing happened..

I plugged it in before turning on the pc and then tried to turn on my pc, but very slow startup, i understood that after unplugging it again, my pc became faster.. its also the cause for hanging when system shuts down..
This time, when i tried to plug it in before starting up the system, the blue light started blinking, but nothing showed up.. only one time, the drive opened and again hanged and again the lights went off.. It asked me to SCAN AND FIX, but i was afraid to do it, as im afraid of losing any data.. does SCAN AND FIX option erase the data in the ext. hdd?

But, when i plugged it in my LAPTOP, it worked fine and everything showed and opened up.. Its the PC which is troubling me.. Please do help me on how to make it work again on my pc..
I even tried to tweak the registry ( going through some HKEY LOCAL MACHINE/CURRENT CLASS/CLASS/36FC.... ) but it didnt help me too..

Pls help me on making it work again on my PC..
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    Don't "Scan & Fix" because there is nothing wrong with it if it works okay on your laptop. The problem is with Windows on your PC.

    Try System Restore back to a date before the problem was first noticed.

    Also, as soon as possible, back up all the data that's on it, even if it means buying a new and plugging them both in to your laptop. You should never, ever save important files on just a single hard drive.

    I wish I got paid a fiver for every time I say that on this forum, I just can't believe the number of people who seem to think that backups are not necessary or they just can't be bothered until it's too late.
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