Why does an eSATA port go bad? Can I fix it?

I have two eSATA ports on my Windows 7-64 Home PC. One on top, one on the back. I have a CineRAID box connected to one and a drive dock connected to the other. Suddenly one day, the RAID wasn't appearing. Experimentation has determined that it's not a cable problem, but the eSATA port on the back of the PC no longer works. If I plug anything into that port, Windows sees the drive as "unallocated." Using the top port, I'm OK.

The dock also uses USB 3, but I only have USB 2 in my PC, so presently the dock is in a USB port, but that really slows it down.

So my question is, why would that port go bad? (I plugged the cable in one time and never touched it, so it's not some kind of stress from being re-plugged a lot) Is there a way to fix it? If it's a driver issue, how (in Device Manager) do I determine which port is which?

Thanks for any help you can send my way. The motherboard is an ASUS P6T.
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  1. Hello... Well a new cable needs to be tried to be rule out a possible solution.
    Also check to see if a setting in your BIO's has changed? battery Backup problem.
  2. I did try swapping the two eSATA cables between devices. Both cables are good, it's the one port that does not work.
  3. Why did this get marked solved? No one has responded about the ports, only the cables, which are not bad.
  4. I unselected the solution for you..

    Might be a BIOS issue. Did you try updating it to the latest version?
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