Win 7 home premium 64bit 8g At3ch 4x2 DDR2 800 ram win't boot.

Please bear with me. I will be detailed as possible. I searched but no luck
I have a D975XBX2 AAD53350-508 motherboard. It ran with 4 g ram.
I wiped and installed 7 home premium
I am trying to install 8g ram on 2 4g cards. DDR2 PC2-6400 DIMM 800hz A-Tech ATC103 88103
The PC won't boot correctly with the new ram.
Before buying I went to the Intel site for the MB and it said I could use 8g of DDR2 and 800hz max.
The ram does not run with either stick in by itself.
The MB is running the newest Bios. Win 7 has been fully updated (except for the optional updated that don't say what they are for.
I checked the Intel site for the MB and it said that I should disconnect the video card before installing the ram. I don't understand how that would help but I tried it. No change that I could tell.
I read that the Bios could be set to the specific voltage of my ram but I am unable to figure out what voltage it is.

This XP to Win 7 switch is making me crazy! I bet the lost productivity to the country exceeds that of the Sequester!!! Please help!
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  1. this is your board specs and those a tech memory are not supported for your motherboard chipset they only support the 945 one
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    You have 4 RAM slots with a maximum of 8gb. The problem you are having is that each slot only supports up to 2gb modules. To max out the board you would have to get 4x2gb RAM modules. If the slots accepted 4gb modules, the max would be 16gb instead...which is not the case.

    You will need to return the current kit and get the 4x2gb modules if you want the 8gb. I have found the system scanner on Crucial's website to be extremely handy to find out what configurations will work. It's free and quick:
  3. Thanks guys. This is the answer. I now have 4 modules of 2 g ea and they work fine. This is as much as much as my Mobo can handle. If I had it to do over again I might have changed the Mobo before I installed the Win 7. I suspect that more ram might not be a bad idea and the old Bad Ax may be struggling to keep up. We learn I guess!
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