do mouse pads matter?

hey guys im a casual gamer currently i just use a standard mouse pad for my steelseries sensei but i was wondering will i see a great difference with a new mouse pad?
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  1. i don't think it will make a difference i don't use one and i still have no problem
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    Not really, no, you won't see a major difference. If the mouse pad you have now is working for you, then there is no need to change.

    There are some pads marketed to improve the accuracy and slipperiness of the pad surface to allow for better movement, but in my opinion, the difference is negligible.
  3. I will disagree a bit with the other posters. I have a Steelseries 4HD and to me at least it makes a huge difference.

    Some people like the feel of a cloth pad and some people like harder plastic surfaces but if you have never tried a higher end pad/surface you should at least try a few different models out. To me the 4HD ( and larger but otherwise identical 9HD ) makes my mouse feel like it's gliding on an air hockey table.
  4. Just make sure that it is normal or large size rectangle. I use circular ones for browsing however it is awkward when gaming.
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