Is now a good or bad time to buy a current intel cpu or nvidia gpu?

I know the gpus and cpus don't change drastically every year but is it worth waiting a couple months (from now) for the next gen of each company in cpus and gpus? Btw this would be for a new pc build
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  1. It's always a bad time to buy anything. Something is always coming that makes your build obsolete. This is why I prefer to recommend mid-range builds over high end.

    Your build selection is good and well balanced except the PSU is way overkill. You could get away with a good 550W unit.
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    I might wait a week to see if the upcoming devils canyon i5-4690K is indeed a super chip.
    Regardless, I would build using a more modern Z97 based motherboard.

    On your build, 120gb for the ssd is starting to look a bit small; can you do 240gb?
    Perhaps defer on the hard drive until you need bulk storage space.

    I don't like liquid coolers when a decent air cooler will do the job equally well and be quieter and more reliable in the process.
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