Sony Vegas Pro 12 Slow Rendering (Can't Render in Real Time)

I am always using sony vegas for my editing and rendering, but I cant seem to render in real time no matter what setting I try. I change the format, but nothing seems to help. I have an AMD FX-8350 @ 4.4 Ghz, 16gb Gskill Ram 1600mhz, 120gb ssd for boot, 1tb wb black, 1tb wd blue, GTX 660ti. I also have plenty of ventilation if in my case so I don't think my cpu is down clocking itself from heat. Does anybody have any ideas on what I can to to try to render in real time.

P.S. This happens at 1080p and 720p at a low 8 Mbps bitrate. I'm trying to render in a wmv format.

:) Thanks
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