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So, I have a Joshua-H61-uATX motherboard and I just got a new EVGA 430w 80+ power supply and a shiny GTX 750ti to put in it but, when I start it with it in, it shows the hp screen and then a blinking underscore. The solution I keep finding is that the motherboard Bios are out of date. I cannot find an update to save my life. Please help me x(

Would really like to to take this GT 620 out.

*edit* I should clarify by saying that it's just when I put the new graphics card in.
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  1. That could very well be the case. OEM boards have that problem sometimes. I would contact HP and ask them for a solution.
    Can you get into BIOS?
  2. Please tell me how to do that. I contacted HP and both times they were very rude and insisted they can't help me because the card that is affecting it didn't come with the computer, but people are saying they have this card and motherboard combo on a few sites showing off builds and I'm just lost.
  3. On most computers, you tap DEL or F2 during boot. OEM PCs may have a different key press, however. Sometimes it is the ESC key. Consult your PC manual.
    If you can get into BIOS, you may be able to disable the boot screen logo and see what is going on via the screen display. But OEM boards usually have crippled BIOSs with limited functionality, so don't get your hopes up. What is the model of your HP PC?
  4. Model number is p7-1370t. The boot menu seems to be escape but idk what to do when I'm there
  5. Can you find the BIOS version listed anywhere? The date of the BIOS?
  6. It says JOS_711.rom . V7.11
  7. Date says 4/28/2012.. Still no idea how to get this working /:
  8. That motherboard is a fairly recent design. I find it hard to believe it doesn't support that card BIOS update or not. Especially with a late date of 4/28/2012. I feel that BIOS update is not your problem.
    The PSU is more than enough for that system w/card if this is yours:

    Did you uninstall the old gfx driver before swapping cards? I can't tell if it is stopping before or after it tries to load Win7. If after, it could be a driver issue.
    Uninstall the old driver and swap cards and try again.
    If no joy...
    Try the new card again and see if it will allow you to:
    1) enter BIOS and
    2) boot to safe mode (tap F8) or
    3) enter the boot menu (tap F11).
  9. I just tried clearing drivers to no avail. The new card still just remains unresponsive during HP screen and after third delayed beep goes to black screen with blinking text marker on top left.
  10. Tell me if you can boot to BIOS or boot to safe mode with the new card.

    If not...

    Put the old card back in and download Driver Sweeper:
    ...and CCleaner:
    Run CCleaner and do the Clean and Registry both. Then boot to safe mode (F8) and run Driver Sweeper. Have it remove any remnants of Nvidia and AMD GRAPHIC drivers it can find. Shut down and swap cards. See if the card is more responsive.
  11. After all night trying and trying, messaging a friend and seeing if the card works in his rig and a bunch of trial and error after discovering the card works fine in his computer, I'm at a complete loss. I used driver sweeper the first time, and will try the CC Cleaner, but other than that I cannot find out why it won't boot properly. Most likely thing I have found, is its a bios error, but I am unable to update bios or anything because there is literally nothing to download for this mobo online. Really sad right now lol straight up..
  12. I installed a windows 8 bios and it worked. Pretty retarded, seeing as I have windows 7, but I'll take it xD
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    A BIOS is not OS dependent. But it may have some features that Win8 can use that Win7 won't make use of. I guess I stand corrected though; the BIOS was the problem. Hard to believe a board that new needs a BIOS update to run a common Nvidia gfx card. Where did you finally find the BIOS at?
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