which headset is the best for gaming ?

hello everyone , am thinking to get a new headset and alot told me to get the turtle beach px22 , and some say don't think and get sennheiser headset here is some links ,

which one do u recommend ? i do have the wireless g930 logitech , but kinda want to change due it been used for very very longtime ,share your thoughts <3 .
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  1. Nobody worth their salt would recommend a 7.1 headset, especially one from TB. Sennheiser all the way (But do yourself a favor and get an HD598 and an amp, not a headset).
  2. lets say ill take a sennheiser headset without the mic , which one would be the most enjoyable and best quality product ? is it the HD598 or Momentum ? any ideas , share your thoughts <3
  3. I would definitely pick the HD598. The Momentum is a great closed portable headphone for music, the HD598 is a great open headphone for detail whoring (The open design = better soundstage, better soundstage = better positional cues). I'm sorry to rag on 7.1 headsets because they were a neat idea, but TB pioneered them and other peripheral makers fell into line, they all suffered the same problem: they could never beat out traditional headphones with bigger, more sophisticated drivers.
  4. i was browsing on headphones and amp's , i found the Fiio E17 device that enhance the sound for headphones , do you recommend the HD598 along with the Fiio E17 amp together ? as for epic quality sound , what do u think :)
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    Fiio is a great company and their amps are really good. The E17 is a great little device that has served one of my audiophile friends for many a year, but if you don't want to bring it outside then the E09K is the one I would recommend. I don't personally own the E17, but I have it on good authority that it is just slightly worse when it comes to powering headphones then the E09K, but the E17 is portable. Your call.
  6. thnx for the efforts and replies , was helpful :) , i think ill go with the e17 since its new and compatible with everything new in the headset market , along with HD598 , cheers .
  7. Cheers to you, my friend.
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