Is this build good enough for gaming?

intel i5 4670 , 8gb ram 1600 mhz, sapphire r9 270x 2gb gddr5 oc, samsung 120Gb Sata III 840 EVO along with a WD 1TB HDD,Gigabyte Z87-HD3 (1150/Z87/DDR3), and Corsair VS Series 550W (CP-9020050-EU) (case Corsair Carbide 200R Gaming case (Midi Tower, Black) .. I dont want to go on extreme gaming, just LoL , Diablo 3 ,WoW..
Would this build be enough for ultra settings without any problem?
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    ultra on bf4? No not really you need a gtx 770 or a r9 280 for that it will probably play at ultra but it wont have a very good frame rate. and im assumeing you will be playing in 1080p.
  2. It will max diablo 3 and Wow tho.
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