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Ok, so i have been just gamin it up as a no life does. But with some games i got these random lag spikes like on BF4 and wolfenstein the new order. I run both the game stable but then i just get these random ass lag spikes that drop me down to like 10-25ish frames i have a GTX 770 and a FX 8350 for a GPU and CPU these are the only two games that i get these spikes in is there a way to fix it i feel like it's my CPU.
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  1. It sounds like a driver issue. Just make sure you are using the latest stable drivers for your gpu or if you recently updated your drivers and this started happening after the update you can always downgrade.
  2. So i downloaded the newest driver and its doing it in different games that i run with well over 100 FPS and it is just randomly drops down from it to like 30ish fps im so clueless to what is happening
  3. That is really weird. I am not to great with gpu's beyond this point. Try re posting this thread in "Graphics and Displays" section of the forum, you should get some more responses there.
  4. well i found out that i just needed a better cooler for my CPU so it's all good thanks for the help
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