My internet is unstable but I have good speed plan and router

Hey guys, I'm having many issues with my internet. To start off, My plan is 45mbps down and 4mbps. I have an Asus Rt66u as my main router and 2 Acess points becuase i have a large family and a wide house. Problem is, is that when im playing bf4 sometimes the ping is fine but sometimes its horrible, even when im watching videos or anything the internet will just go to a complete stop. All i want is the internet to be consistent and just get good ping.I do restart the router and unplug the modem for about 10 secounds but sometimes it works and sometimes is doesn't. If someone has a good Network setup for me please share it with me or am I doing somethin wrong?
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    The fact that you get good speed sometimes says that your router is set up properly. When do you experience the slowdowns? Does it happen when you have a lot of other Family users online? Otherwise, I suspect that your ISP is having difficulties.
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