Rendering times in Sony Vegas pro 12

I am looking for the rendering times for this build, with these settings.

Standard 720p 6mbps wmv file

Intel core i3 4130
8gb 1600mhz ram
Geforce gt 610 2gb ddr3

Looking for ratio ( ex 20 min vid renders in 20 mins)
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  1. I know it takes me about 15-20 seconds per movie minuet for 720p on my 8350, 16gb ram, and gtx 770. My laptop is about 20 seconds per minuet for 720 which is i7 4700, 32gb ram,and gtx 870m. But those are 8 cores and ddr5 memory. So theoretically id say quadruple maybe more what mine are, so 90-120 seconds per minuet of movie? No idea for sure, but hope it helps somewhat.
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    Heavily depends on what kind of video you are making. Video with upscaling, effects, and similar will render MUCH longer than simple video with some cuts here and there with music.

    Also WMV is one of the hardest formats to encode. Go for .mp4 (H.264).
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