Is buy i7 4770 or gpu sli to improve gaming more ?

So after a few past mouth i had come to decide to upgrade my pc to improve fps and overall performant so here come the question should i upgrade my cpu to i7 4770 or focus on gpu sli (gtx 760) since already have budget to buy 1 better cpu or gpu to sli

So here my spec
FX 6100
Power Supple 750W
GTX 760
Win 8.1 64 bit
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  1. For a few game like watch dogs which seem to cpu dependent and fx 6100 not seem to meet requirement of the game but it gpu sli should improve fps more then buy i7 or not this question still unresolve.
  2. whats your mobo
  3. Best answer
    For Gaming purpose SLI will be better since it will provide you with biggest performance boost
    Then after you can go for CPU upgrade.
    But for now you can overclock FX 6100 to get more performance out of it

    Also I wouldn't go for i7 4770 for a gaming build since an overclocked/stock i5 4670k would provide you better/almost same fps in games than i7 4770 respectively.
  4. I would go i5 and a cheap z97 and GTX 760 SLI. The 760s are going cheap :)
  5. coolcole01 said:
    whats your mobo

    my mobo Asus m5a88 m-evo
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