I need help building my first computer

Hi, everyone. So, I'm planning to build my very first PC, and I need help to make sure if it would be a decent gaming computer. The parts are here :

I'm planning to use it for gaming, schoolwork, etc.

Any kind of help would be much appreciated.

And can you guys suggest a couple of other stuff I need like sound cards and stuff like that?

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    new motherboards have built in sound card. if your pc not near a ethernet port or cable you may need a usb wifi dongle to get onto the internet. drop the 640 gpu and pick up the newer 750ti it a better card for the money. if not pick up a 650ti or 7850 or amd replacment. r270/r270x.
  2. Hey, sorry as it turns out I overcalculated my budget for the pc.:ouch: :(
  3. What is your budget?
  4. below 600$
  5. Get rid of the Blu-Ray drive and the Cooler Master aftermarket cooler.
  6. So I don't actually need those two?
  7. stock cpu now come with a cooler that be fine till you have more money. the blue ray player only needed for burning large data disks or playing bluy ray movies on your pc. a standard 20.00 dvd drive is needed for the os and standard games.
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