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Thinking of buying this pc from best buy here is the set up$abcat0501000&cp=1&lp=1

idk how many cores the procceser has so if you know plz tell me
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  1. The processor has 2 cores. Its a AMD A6-6400K
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    AMD A6 (Dual core)
    4GB ram
    Integrated graphics only - but 1 pcie slot available

    It will let you do homework on it but that's all.

    Google 'Tom's $500 build' and see if you can find something better.
  3. Are you serious but the video card is for gaming.... right?
  4. AMD APUs(A-X-XXXX) are supposed to have better integrated graphics than a intel HD graphics, but you cant really have an enjoyable gaming experience without a dedicated GPU.
  5. There is no video card in it. The video gpu is part of the cpu. It uses 2gb of the ram (of which there is only 4gb anyway) to work.
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