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Hello everyone.

I´m about to buy a new computer for mid-range to low-range gaming and I currently have 2 options according to my budget.

The first one is using an AMD A-10 5800k APU, with 8Gb of 2133 Mhz ram. With this setup i'd be using only the IGP, as I won't be adding any dedicated GPU in the future.

The second option is using an AMD A-6 6400k APU, with 4Gb of 1866 Mhz ram, and a dedicated Radeon HD 7750 1Gb GDDR5.

The question is, which one of those options would give the best gaming performance?

All the other parts on the PC won't change as they don't make significantly differences over performance, and those two are my best options and the only things I can get right now (that's why I didn't ask for a budget build example from zero).

Thank you for reading me this far :)
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    in that case go for the 5800k. maybe some day you'll be able to get a decent discreet graphics card. the 7750 isn't it.
  2. Depends on the resolution you plan to game at.
  3. swifty_morgan yes perhaps I could be adding a decent one but that would be like a year from now, and I have to do some gaming before that..

    Airm3n I've got a FullHD monitor, but I wouldn't bother playing at 1366x768 or something like that
  4. The dedicated video card is gonna be the best bet in my opinion its just you may run into issues with that slower cpu(apu). Now if you could swing into a bit faster cpu with the dedicated card you would be golden.
  5. at 720p ( 1366x768 ) the 5800 will get you by.......(( i'm playing FarCry2 on high settings at 1280x1024 with my 5800k ))...... I really don't think there's much difference between that graphics and a 5770...?????

    if you haven't purchased yet.......... tigerdirect has a 6800k and a free game for $119.
  6. Yes swifty_morgan, I have considered the 6800k instead of 5800k, but I've seen some benchmarks and there is no real difference in fps at gaming between 7660d and 8670d, and in my country there is an important difference at prices between those two CPUs.

    And yes again, many compare the 5800k and the HD 5570 and even 6670.. I was thinking also, that perhaps in the future it could be a good idea to go for Dual Graphics with an HD 6670 and the 5800k if I bought it..

    Airm3n, do you say the CPU could bottleneck the GPU?

    BTW, thanks both for your answers
  7. What about an Intel i3 3240 with an Nvidia gt640 GDDR5 1gb, could that be better than the above options?
  8. No gt640 is weaker than 7750 but equal to 5800k igp.A10-5800k still is the better option.
  9. Okay, thanks everyone for the replies. Now I'm fully convinced that the 5800k will be the best choice
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