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Hi, I am looking at getting a new PC case for around the $200 mark but it would be much better if I'd be able to spend less. I currently have a very small, cheap and cramped cooler master case that needs replacing.My build is:
Cpu- AMD FX-8350
Mobo-Asus Sabertooth 990fx r2
Gpu- Gigabyte R9 280x Rev. 2
Storage- 2tb hdd and 120gb ssd
psu- corsair cx750
ram- 8gb G-skill ares 1866mhz
cpu cooler- Cooler master hyper 212 x

I've looked at and considered the Cooler master haf x case and I almost bought it but after more research I discovered its not great for water cooling, which may be an issue in the future. Also I've seen some cases have fan controllers built in. It would be great if it included one but if not its not big deal. Also it is worth noting that my gpu has a non-reference cooler that spits ALOT of hot air inside the case.
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  1. i really like this case id get it if i could afford it
    here is a review
  2. Corsair vengeance C70 - masses of space, high airflow, good looking IMHO.

    I would suggest buyin a separate fan controller if u want one rather than getting one bundled with a case as that will open up your options massively, for both case and controller.
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    Hi jbd12345
    What about the thermaltake core v71
    great airflow , fully modular and a ton of radiator support
  4. Thanks everyone! All of them look quite good but I think I'll be going with the Thermaltake unless there is a good special on the other 2. Thanks!
  5. you are welcome . hope it all goes well for you , all the best
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