Which gaming headset to choose?

Hello guys,

I'm trying to decide which headset to choose for gaming. I mainly play games like CS:GO and Half-Life 1 Deathmatch, so hearing the enemy location/footsteps is very improtant to me.

I'm thinking of getting either Plantronics GAMECOM 780 or a Razer Kraken headset. Which one would fit more for my needs?

Maybe there's another headset that's better than those two for FPS gaming at around 50-60$ price range?

Thank you for your responses.
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  1. From your choice list and looking at the performance reviews, the Razer Kraken.

    As an FPS gamer myself, but running a 5.1 surround speaker system.

    If I was going to buy a surround gaming headset it would come from Turtle Beach simply because Turtle Beach was one of the first bringing surround gaming headsets onto the market, and they do not scrimp on quality, so they've had plenty of time to get the bugs out, so that's who I personally would get one from.
  2. Thanks, it seems like the Plantronics GAMECOM 780 headset has got 7.1 surround system but I'm being careful when it comes to things like these.
  3. The choice is simple you need to choice The Razer Kraken the Razer headsets are so popular and alots of youtubers play w/ Razer headsets.
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    You should never get a 7.1 channel headset. If you want god sound quality you shouldn't be asking on a site flooded with PC gamers, try Head-Fi for a completely unbiased answer.

    If you really want to ask here:

    Koss KSC75: $19.99
    Great positional cues, better than a Razer Kraken could hope to be (7 IEM size drivers can't match the soundstage of 1 40mm driver).

    Blue Snowball: $59.99
    Amazing mic, most youtubers on a budget use this or an Audio Technica microphone from $150-$200.
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