Did I kill my 290? Graphics card acting up after g10 installation.

Hi guys,

I've got a r9 290 xfire setup that I have been running with for about a month. I've just installed two g10s with h55s on them hoping to decrease temps and noise.

I had planned on creating a thread on pre/post benchmarks, however it seems one of my cards is not firing up. This is what it looks like in GPUshark . GPU3 is caped at 300MHz and doesn't seem to be used at all. My heaven benchmark score is well below what it should be as well so it isn't a software fault.

Any ideas on where I should go from here? I'm really hoping I didn't kill my card.
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    your card is working, though doesn't appear to even be in crossfire.

    Try each card individually just to check both cards are running smooth, and give each card a GPU test strain also to test it's performance.
  2. Thank you, I fired up the 1st gpu after installing the g10 and it knocked my config out of Xfire.

    I am still heavily under peforming in benchmarks however, can you suggest anything else to check?
  3. try all slots for both cards, you may have your second GPU running in X4 mode.
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