Okay so what does ver 3.23 mean mobo m5a99fx pro 2.0

So I want to get the beat out of my motherboard it's a m5a99fx pro 2.0 and on the Manuel for ram capability Corsair cmz32gx3max1866c10 XMP (ver 3.23)!!! What does that mean can my motherboard take other versions or is it just that because I can't find the in any specific place that has that version like new egg Amazon anywhere I see everything ddr3 corsair 32gb etc. so should I be concern about the version is it okay if I get different versions?
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  1. Google it. I think it just refers to the XMP version, not the ram version.
  2. Ohhh so just get the XMP version? Not like 3.23 version or whatever?
  3. No - XMP is a system of recognising and adjusting settings to get your ram to work at its rated speed. The chipset in the mobo does this.
  4. In reality your mobo will take most DDR3 ram, just the manufacturer has not tested it with every single combination. You can also safely ignore the XMP version number as it is just used to configure the ram timings so it does not matter if you are using a different version number.
  5. They would work, might not be able to run at the headline frequency as it is not an officially supported speed (which may be why they need ridiculous fans to cool them ). I would also question the need for 32GB unless you have a specific application that needs so much
  6. Just later future purposes you know? What do you recommend then for great ram top on the ram for my mobo and I can overcloack it good. my cpu is amd 8350 what ram do you recommend for my mobo for 32 gb though.. Thanks too
  7. also what does timing really mean in google theres different answers according to my book users guide for my mobo I need a specific timing do I have to follow that?
  8. Any new mobo will have the latest XMP loaded in it. It gets updated with Bios updates.

    Timings get changed from the default (1333MHz) to run the rated speed at rated voltage - by XMP in the mobo.
  9. Should I worry about the exact time because my user guide for my mobo it wants 10-11-10-27 but the link I showed you was 10-11-10-30 am I still alright?
  10. Please let me know ASAP thank you.
  11. If the ram is listed as being compatible with your motherboard or vice versa then it should work. The timings are irrelevant. What's relevant is whether the motherboard or ram manufacturer has tested the combination and found it to be OK.
  12. Even it has a different timing?
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    Yes - if its listed as compatible ram, then there's no problems
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