is cpu goes too hot?

Hello to everyone,these days i have some issues with cpu temperature.
My specs are:
Os:Windows 7 64 bit
Cpu:Core 2 Duo e8200
Mobo:Gigabyte g41 combo
Psu:Thermaltake tough power 600 watt
Gpu:Asus gtx 550 ti
My temperature goes on idle:
core 0:45c
core :55c
on load goes:
core 0:55c
is that normal?i'm running two fans 120mm one rear one front,
measurements make with speedfan.
any help will be appreciated :)
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    Those are ok. But have you ever changed the thermal paste on that thing its probably 5 years old at least if you havent clean off the old stuff and put some new paste on there and it might cool down some.
  2. i put thermal paste but temp increases and goes 80c :(
    i cant move heatsink cause touches rear fan ,mobo is micro atx no good space :(
    is normal when gaming 68c ??
    mobo is new cause burn old :(
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