NZXT Kraken X40 vs Corsair H80i GPU & CPU Watercooling

Which is better for CPU and GPU watercooling ?
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  1. The h80i is a 12cm fan/radiator rig, the x40 is a 14cm fan/radiator set up, if you have room the x40 cools better. Neither one can cool a GPU really, the pump on the h80i is too weak to cool anything more than a CPU, both void warranty of re piped.

    Look into a CM glacier, it can be expanded to cool 2 GPUs along with the CPU, Swiftech will be out with the H220x soon and it looks really great.
  2. Problem is i gotta buy everything from either or , depends on which site the parts are cheaper on
    What do you recommend me getting as closed loop gpu watercooler out of all these ?
    I can fit a 280MM watercooler by removing two of the 120mm in the front of the H440 ( it has 3 120mm fans in front )
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    I looked over your list, what I am trying to say is most of them cool the CPU ONLY and cannot be expanded to cool a GPU also or add a second radiator.

    The Swiftech H220 is all set up to cool a CPU, it can be expanded to include a GPU and another radiator also, it would be my pick. The radiator is brass/copper instead of the standard aluminum on the other units, it also has the best pump of all of them, giving plenty of power to expand it.

    The CM Glacier is a H220 clone sold in the US, but it is the same thing with a bit more powerful pump. There were legal problems here in the US about design rights, so CM partnered up with Swiftech to market the Glacier.

    Hope this helps and I understand your question correctly....
  4. Ok , then it's perfect as it's only 2 more euros than the x40 and is a 240MM cooler
    Thanks for the help !
  5. Thanks very much....:)
  6. But one more question
    Does the Kraken G10 support the Swiftech H220 ?
    It's not on the compatibility list of NZXT
  7. Give me a minute.....
  8. I don't think it works due to the squarish cooler or you know the end of the thingy , where you apply the thermal paste
    NZXT Kraken x40 and x60 has a round one , and the h60 won't work either , but i think i'm gonna use a h60 for my cpu cooler and the x40 as my gpu cooler
  9. The G10 is pretty cool but no it is not compatible with the H220 because you cannot mount the block/pump assembly into the metal frame of the G10.

    This thing basically takes a CPU AIO closed loop and makes it a GPU cooler, you would not be able to cool the CPU with the same loop, you would have to end up buying 2 AIO to cool both the CPU and GPU. Hope you understand what I am trying to say here. All it does is allow you to mount the water block into the GPU instead of the CPU. It's a great idea but not sure if it is cost effective in what you are trying to do, cool both the CPU and a GPU, right?

    Would have to work out the numbers on this to find the cheapest and best way. Please let me know if your trying to cool both CPU and GPU or JUST a GPU?
  10. Yeah I do understand
    Yep that's what i'm trying to do
    I'm trying to cool both cpu and gpu , while keeping a black red and white theme , and i want very high overclocks .
  11. If you want good GPU temps I would mount a real full cover block on my graphics card and plumb it into the H220 with a second 28cm radiator added also. Very high OCs will need good cooling, your not going to get good VRM and GDDR cooling from the G10.

    I feel the idea of the G10 is for someone who already has a CPU AIO that is unexpandable and wants to water the GPU also, the cheapest way would be with a G10. But for someone setting up a water system it does not make sense really. What graphics card do you have?
  12. A r9 270 but i'm getting the watercooler because in 3 months from now i'll get a 290x
  13. Very sorry but I forgot to ask what case you are working with? Then I could give you my 2 bits on what direction I would go if I were you.....
  14. I'm working with the NZXT H440 Black/Red ATX Mid Tower case
  15. Actually what do you recommend me , to get the 270 and watercool it or to get a 290 and get the money to watercool it later ?
  16. but then i think 620w won't be enough so no i'm getting a watercooled 270
  17. One other thing you want to consider. A 12cm or 14cm AIO is no better in cooling the CPU than BIG air, the advantage is your not hanging a brick of metal off your MB and also the bulk of a massive heat sink. When you get to 24cm or 28cm radiators you feel the performance advantage over any air cooler on the CPU or GPU. You say you want to do some serious OCing then I could only recommend something with a 240 or 280 radiator set up, anything smaller and your not going to do any better than what you could do with a D14.
  18. okay i'll get the h110 then !
    thanks for the help once again
  19. I hate to say this but I would not waste my money wetting a 270 down, it is not that high end of a card to squeeze. When you talked about water cooling a 290x it makes perfect scene because they run too dam hot on air to really let the core shine to it's full potential. I would WC a set of 280x in XFire because they run hot, but not a single one running alone.

    If you only have a 620W PS I would be thinking about a 780Ti as they use much less power and run cooler. I know this is no help to you, sorry. That H440 is a very cool case, read a review on it and going to get one myself.
  20. A few links you may enjoy reading.......

    The best breaking video news on the net...

    The BEST info on water cooling on the net, this guy knows his shit and you can take to the bank what he says...

    A page of 290x blocks from FCPU
  21. Yeah well i guess i rather get some more money '-'
    thanks for the help anyway
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