CPU Fan Is Too Fast For Current Temperatures

I have noticed that when idle, my CPU fan is at full speed. The CPU is only 30C, and when I feel the internal temperatures, it is below room temperature. I've tried turning down the CPU fan to 75%, and no rise in temperature. I was wondering how I can adjust this, I thought it was supposed to happen automatically.

CPU: AMD Phenum II Black Edition x6 (Stock Cooler)
GPU: EVGA GTX 660 Superclocked
Motherboard: Biostar +TA870U3
PSU: Cooler Master GX 750W Bronze
Case: NZXT Phantom ATX (White)

Thanks in advance for all responses and help.
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    In Bios there usually be a setting called Smart Fan , u might have set it in Performance mode, try change it to Auto/Quiet/Performance/Manual

    When computer Turn on click F2 or Del key continously to enter BIOS setup Mode

    Using Arrow key goto Advanced > CPU Configuration > Smart CPU fan
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