recently upgraded and all games running slow

constant problems with my build, most games are unplayable. quite frustrating as ive spent quite a bit of money on this :( specs are:

windows 8.1 pro
intel(R)core(TM) i5-3470 CPU @ 3.20ghz
nvidia GTX 760 4gb
8gb ram.

please help ive tryed almost everything, clean fresh install's of drivers. nothing seems to work.

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  1. What do you mean when you say "Most games are unplayable"?. Is it because the game crashes or if it's just a low fps or ... ?
  2. yeah just a low fps, my freind has a GTX 560 and hes playing BF4 on low, but is getting a steady 60 frames near enough. when im playing on low mine are bouncing from 9 frames to 50 then back down, like its not a stable fps. unplayable and very annoying :(
  3. do all your updates?

    have an ssd?
  4. Right now, the only thing I can think of is that your friend plays in a lower resolution maybe.
    E.g. your friend is playing in 720p whilst you're playing in 1080p.
  5. no ssd, and yeah everythings up to date including all drivers apprently. struggling to run world of warcraft lol somethings definitley not right
  6. reset cmos first. play. get back to us................ i gotta get a "reset cmos" stamper......... they make electronic ones?
  7. how do i do that?
  8. look in the booklet that came with your motherboard.
  9. thing is i bought this pc few years back already built, but ive just added a new power supply, graphics card and prossesor. so i have no book for the motherboard damnit
  10. google is your friend. how to reset cmos........... or pdf the instructions from the board manufacturers site.

    what motherboard do you have?
  11. see the lower right where it says clr_cmos?.............. must be a jumper there. read up on how to do it.
  12. there are no jumpers on my motherboard, but i read up and it says to just remove the battery for a few mins then put it back in. done that and it came up when i rebooted the pc id reset my bios so i assume it worked, although it hasnt made much of a diffrenence to gameplay :( no luck
  13. list power supply.
  14. there is a jumper on the board........ you just haven't looked hard enough.

    are all these games internet related?

    did you build this yourself?
  15. when i removed the battery it said i had reset the bios, would using the jumpers not do the same thing? ill have another look anyways. were abouts is it in that picture? and no its happenin in campaign modes and everything :(
  16. i bought it as a prebuild, then upgraded the power supply, graphics card and prossesor
  17. update the BIOS. maybe the machine isn't seeing the processor right/

    before doing that go to windows updates and update.
  18. downloading fresh updates from windows now, 33 updates needed lol. how do i go about updating my bios?
  19. before doing the BIOS update finish the windows updates. reboot and go back/reboot and go back/reboot and go back.......... no, I don't have a stutter. just make sure you get all the fixes for the fixes.

    read your motherboard booklet............. I've been in the habit of using the BIOS update tools from the manufacturers sites. done right from the desktop. easiest way ever. whether you'll have that option I don't know.

    turn off all apps ( msconfig box ) like anti virus/anti malware and other programs/reboot and then run the program.
  20. found my motherboard on the manufacture site, but everytime i try n download the update its saying its not compatable with x64bit windows....
  21. what board do you have?...................

    be back later.
  22. gigabyte - GA-H61MA-D2V
  23. what operating system are you running?...........

    quick flash bios utility............... are you using that?
  24. windows 8.1 pro, no were do i find the utility? i just tried downloading the latest update from gigabytes site and it said its not compatable with 64bit windows
  25. okay used the @bios flash utility and succesfully updated it, still the same tho. starting to become a really anoying and expensive task to play a few games :(
  26. did you reboot after the update?

    pull the graphics card. boot up hooked to the motherboard. do stuff.
  27. yep rebooted, what do u mean by pull graphics card?
  28. pull the graphics card out of the case. boot to onboard graphics......... hook the monitor cable to the port on the back of the motherboard.

    wait a minute............. you do have the monitor cable hooked to the graphics card right?
  29. yeah its hooked to the card at the back on my pc, went into the bios there and its saying my cpu is running at 96 degress, seems terribly high? could it be something to do with that?
  30. the cpu? yes, heatsink might not be sitting on the cpu correctly or the pins aren't secured properly/
  31. opened it up there and all pins are secured fine, whats this heatsink? i rebooted after pushing pins in as hard as i could nearly, made sure everything was secure and its still sitting at 96 degree's, thats probably the reason then? 96 dregress cant be healthy...
  32. cpu heatsink............ google it. how did you manage to build this thing?
  33. my freind gave me hand building it, also im talking to a freind at the min here and he says it should be blowing out hot air...mines blowing out cold air, he recons a fan could be the wrong way round? if its overheating like that?
  34. should the air coming out the back of my pc be cold?
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    pull the heatsink. reapply new thermal compound. reinstall the heatsink............ and as a matter of fact............ pull the motherboard out of the case and install it. that way you'll know for sure that the pins on it are secured properly because you'll be able to see them from the back.

    fans......... as a general rule........... lower front fans suck air in./upper back fans suck it out. but this is neither here nor there while the cpu's temps are so high. stop using the machine until fixed............. find a friend that actually knows a little more about computers to help.
  36. NeW thermal paste ordered. Thats whats causing it then? The thermal paste wasnt applied correctly in the first place? Will report back
  37. you really have to watch how you put the heatsink on and how you fasten it down. it has to be clipped in correctly and it has to be flush on the processor.
  38. sorted out, freind from work helped me reseat the heatsink with fresh thermal paste and tightend everything up :) thanks for the help
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