Second HMI port not working.

Hello folks,

I am having trouble connecting my new gaming rig with my TV (SONY BRAVIA)

I got my PC monitor connected to my PC with a HDMI port running from the monitor to the Graphics Card (MSI Nvidia Geforce 770GTX) HDMI slot
but my HDMI port on my Motherboard (MSI Z87-G45 GAMING) is not working

I am using a HDMI cable of 15m
with trouble shooting I have concluded:

The HDMI cable works fine, I connected it with my laptop and Tv, the Laptop then was capable of using my Tv as a second display.

Also when I unplug my PC Monitor from my graphics card HDMI port and connect it to my motherboard's HDMI port it is not working

So with deductive reasoning that leads me to think, my HDMI port is not working.

So, what do I need to do?

Is the HDMI port on my motherboard broken? or are there some settings I have to change to enable my motherboard's HDMI port to work in conjunction with my graphics card HDMI port?

I am looking forward to u'r ideas !
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  1. Firstly, with a discrete GPU plugged into an Intel mobo, the on-board GPU will automatically be disabled, so you cannot use both HDMI ports simultaneously because of potential driver conflicts.

    Are you saying that the Sony TV will not work when plugged into the GTX 770 ?

  2. Best answer
    Could you connect the pc monitor with DVI instead and then use the hdmi on the card for the TV?
  3. Yogi and Kari,
    I thank the both of you, quick response and great advice.
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