Disk management will not partition 2TB hard drive smaller than 900GB

Hello, I have a new Dell XPS 8700 desktop with a 2TB internal HDD. I want to partition the HDD to have 200GB for Apps and the remaining storage reserved for Data.

Here's my issue: when using Disk Management, to shrink the volume on the 2TB HDD, it will not allow for a partition smaller than 900GB. Since this PC is new, the 2TB hard drive is clean and contains no data files other than the O/S and programs that came with the PC from Dell.

Does anyone have any help or advice on how I can have the Disk Management utility allow me to partition the HDD to have 200GB and (approx)1.8TB?

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    Disk Management can only shrink until it runs into files. Sometimes defragmenting and removing the page file can get your shrink to become smaller.

    Third party tools like Partition Master home can do this without all these issues(the program will move files as needed. reboot required to complete in most cases).

    It is VERY important that you do NOT mess with the start of the Windows partition(can prevent booting), system reserved(required to boot on many systems), efi(same as system reserved) or any other Dell partitions(restore image) to avoid future issues.
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