FX-8320 runs just under 80c with cooler master evo.. Help Please!!

The CPU hovers between low 60s and high 70s under load, and high 50s on idle. I have a push pull as well as a fan controller hooked up to 5 fans, all on high (and set up correctly). Ive re-applied the thermal paste 2 times now in hopes that it would change something, to no avail. The power management is set to balanced but it still posts far too hot of numbers. Ive used over 4 temp monitoring utilities and all read the same. Bad chip?

Gigabyte 970a ud3 mobo
cooler master push pull
next source 210 with 5 artic fans and controller
rosewill hive 650w ps

Any help will be much appreciated, I am going to send this chip back unless I can find some kind of solution to this.
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  1. Does the heatsink get warm to the touch at those temps or just the base of it?
  2. just the base of it currently, the main part is a little warm but not in comparision
  3. do you have the stock cooler still? I would put that back on and see what your temps are. If you get normal (normal for stock cooler) temps then I would say the evo is bad.
  4. It was actually running very hot with the stock on there, I wasn't monitoring the temps but that little fan was mostly at full volume (hince my decision to grab a better cooler). I can swap them out again, but what would make a cooler not work? other than the fans (both currently running), I guess my question is what would be broken? Thanks for the response btw
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    the heatpipes could be bad on the evo, there has been at least one bad one confirmed lately that I know of. I would put the stock back on and see what your temps are.
  6. I guess that they were, I threw the stock back on and I'm back in the nice 30s. Thanks so much, you just saved me from around 2 weeks without a processor/computer. I looked around on google for a good hour plus before posting, not much out there other than "buy a water cooler/use fans properly" haha. Ill be sending that evo back, thanks again man.
  7. not a problem
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