Need help with Bluescreen (minidumps attached)

Im starting to get a lot of BSOD's. Most of the time its page fault in nonpaged area.

It only ocures when i close Chrome or when i close War thunder.

I will upload the minidumps later today. EDIT: Here are 2 minidumps


Asus GTX 760
i5 3470
60 gb kingston SSD
500 GB WD green
Asrock p67 pro3
8GB corrsair ddr3 ram
Coolermaster B700
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More about bluescreen minidumps attached
  1. get rid of chrome its just bad and causes a lot of issues that would be the first thing I would try
  2. Removed chrome. Still happens
  3. I guess the next thing to try is unstall vid card driver reset you vid-card and reinstall driver [download the driver from NVidia to a file on your desktop and install from there ] don't use the disk or auto update
  4. Tried it. Still having bsods
  5. My card is factory OC'd could that be the cause?
  6. Best answer
    would not think so but anything can happen.. but I do know a lot of folks using chrome are having issues due to it so I just took a shot on that and after they removed it, it all went good you may try to go back to an older driver for your card to see if the one you use is having issues ...

    go back and see when this issue started what updates and downloads you got and see if one of them is a cause
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