hard drive doesn't appear

when i start up my pc sometimes my hard drive wont show up but if i restart it it will appear doesnt happen all the time though does anyone know why this happens
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    Is this the boot drive or a second drive used for storage? When you say it won't show up what exactly are you seeing?

    This is a diagnostic test to determine the health of a hard drive:

    Download the iso image and burn to a disk, then boot from the disk
  2. Well I have my operating system on my ssd and just save games to the hard drive so second drive and when I log in I will go to play a game and it wont load look under my computer and it doesnt show the drive but if I restart it it will and work fine
  3. When you don't see the disk in Explorer, does it appear in device manager? In windows 7 right-click Computer in the start menu and go to Properties, and select Device Manager on the left hand pane or in 8.x right click in the bottom left corner and select device manager from the menu of options. If it's not being seen at all there may be a problem with the drive's controller. Check that the SATA cable is secure and try it in a different SATA port. If these don't work you may need to replace the drive. Any data on that drive you want to keep should be backed up to an external drive just in case (this is the best policy in general, even if there's no sign of imminent trouble)
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